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Modà Underwear & Swimwear is a traditional Muti-Brand retailer of Lingerie, Corsetry, Accessories and Scarves, Swim Clothing and Pajamas.

The current management operates with continuity since 1966, a wealth of experience dedicated to looking for pleasant intimate garments, but with particular attention at Wearability. Garments that give us a feeling of comfort and trust.

The assortment in Sizes, even the largest is pratically unlimited, both in Men's and Women's Underwear - Swimwear - Homewear.

In several cases, the choice of a Bra, a Swimsuite or a Bodysuite requires a costumized advice, wich we are able to achieve effectively only at our headquarters.  However, there are about 6,500 selected items in this our e-commerce and we would be happy to assist you in every aspect that may interest you so please, feel free to contact us for any request!

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